North Seattle Preschool opened in 1973 as a ministry of North Seattle Covenant Church.  In 1997 the name was changed to Shoreline Covenant Preschool when the church became Shoreline Covenant.  The Preschool functions as a ministry of the church.


The purpose of the school is to provide a secure, loving Christian environment; to promote self-esteem; and to allow for the growth and development of the young child. This is done by giving opportunity of regular association with other children in play area equipped for the child, under the guidance of competent teachers, trained in Early Childhood Education. Small classes are an important aspect of the school allowing for individual attention for each student. Children grow faster and learn more during the first five years of life than at any other time; thus, it is the responsibility of those who guide young children to provide the best learning environment possible.  This is accomplished with a progressive curriculum that promotes education, social, emotional, and spiritual development.  

  1. To provide a safe and secure environment
  2. To offer progression within the curriculum
  3. To promote spiritual and moral values
  4. To promote and develop social-emotional behavior in a group situation, appropriate for the age of the child
  5. To provide opportunities for communication and language development
  6. To provide activities which will help develop fine and gross motor skills
  7. To provide pre-academic (cognitive) activities that will prepare a child for future education, in a manner that will foster an attitude that learning is exciting and rewarding

We provide children with the opportunity for emotional and social growth and development, through interactions with other children in play areas, under the guidance of our experienced teachers and staff.

Teacher-directed activities in art, music, science, stories, Bible lessons and academic readiness such as fine and gross motor skill development, simple math concepts, and early literacy are also a vital part of our program.